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Seusspup caters to dogs of all shapes and sizes. We are more than happy to create beautiful breed standard cuts, as well as a wide variety of more practical everyday pet trims. We love to customize each groom to reach the individual pet's cutest potential.


Our pets are as unique as we are and we love them that way! From keeping up with global grooming trends, to getting creative with color, we are happy to help your pet find their individual "style."


*Pricing is based on HANDS ON TIME required to perform the service, and is therefore variable. The prices listed below are our shop MINIMUM prices. Contact us today for an individualized price estimate!

BASIC BATH - Starting at $70 -  Includes ear plucking and cleaning, nail trim and grind, bath, hand fluff dry, brushout and finishing accessory.

MAINTENANCE BATH - Starting at $90 - Includes everything in the basic bath package, with the addition of tidy trimming of face, feet/pants and sanitary areas

FULL GROOM - Starting at $150 - Includes everything in the maintenance bath package, with the addition of a full body haircut.

PREMIUM NATURAL SHAMPOO We believe in using only the best for the pets in our care, and these premium shampoos are included in the cost of grooming services. These 20+ natural premium shampoos are designed to assist with many common coat/skin issues including  heavy shedding, skunk smell, skin issues, hot spots, brightening of dull coats, promoting hair regrowth, flea control, among others. We hand select the shampoo or shampoo blend that will be best suited to your pet.

ADD ON SERVICES - Starting at $8 - we offer several optional add on services to assure that your pet gets the most out of their Seusspup spa day! 


                 TEETH BRUSHING - $8 - We use veterinary grade enzymatic toothpaste to help manage plaque and bad breath. Vanilla mint! 

                 CREATIVE GROOMING - Starting at $20 (Color starts at $40) - Creative grooming offered as add on service only. Offered services: nail painting, hair chalk, hair color, airbrushing, feather extensions, creative fur carving, body bling, glitter tattoos and much more!


                  AYURVEDIC HERBAL MUD SOAK/PACK - Starting at $30 - Japanese herbal mud tub soak or localized mud pack for severe skin issues. Ask for details.

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