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Heading into our 8th year of business our Seusspup Family has grown!

At this time, in order to keep availability for existing clients, we are only able to consider accepting new clients via personal referral or invite.

How  to get an invite? Ask your friends if they get groomed with Seusspup and can give you a referral, or if you see Kai and her pups in the neighborhood, feel free to talk to her about your pup and ask her to give you an invite card.

Seusspup Pups

Arya (Left) & Slinky (Right)

Slinky is a "tri-pawed" (3 legged) poodle, Arya is a chinese crested powderpuff. If you see them in the neighborhood, say hi! keep on your toes though, their looks change regularly.

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