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Environment is Key

Seusspup Pet Grooming is a unique, private pet grooming establishment, focused on creating a low stress, nurturing, calming grooming experience for your pet.

A calm environment is key to a low stress grooming session for your pet. With a home-like atmosphere, your pet can be at ease, allowing for breaks during the grooming process as needed. By keeping our appointments and client list limited, we can make sure that the grooming room doesn't become a stressful, overcrowded, noisy place. Each pet receives it's grooming with consideration to the comfort and needs of the pet, allowing ample time for those with special needs, such as puppies, new rescues, seniors or fearful, anxious pets.




Seusspup Pet Grooming caters to dogs of all shapes and sizes. We are happy to provide beautiful breed standard grooming, as well as more practical pet grooming. We love to customize each groom to reach the individual pet's cutest potential and are able to accommodate most owner requests. The comfort and safety of each pet is our number one concern.

Meet the owner

Kai is the owner/operator of Seusspup Pet Grooming, read her story here.

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